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Free Workout Book for Stand Up Paddlers (SUP-ers)

Hey everyone, SUP (Stand up paddling) is one of the fastest growing water sports out right now. I have been paying close attention to the sport and am going to be “taking the plunge” soon. That being said, I have also been using the TRX suspension system personally and in my clinic for patient rehab and can say this system is AWESOME for paddling, surfing and SUP.

If you are looking for Standup Paddle Surf training, well Jon Ham wrote the book… litterally. His standup paddle fitness book is available to download for FREE! That’s right… FOR FREE! Click on his link to get the book:  Free TRX SUP workout e-book!

Even if you are not into SUP, you can benefit from this e-book.  You may already love using the TRX system but want new ways to use it, Ham’s e-book will help you here. You may not already own the TRX system but are planning on getting one; why not get a free e-book that will give you some good ideas on how to use it? If you’re interested in the TRX system, click the link

Either way, check Ham’s book out and if you want to learn more about the TRX suspension system click on this link: TRX: Functional and Portable Training

Yours in Health,
Tim Irving DC, MS, LMT
Optimum Function: 819 SE Morrison St. ste. 210 Portland, OR, 97214

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